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If you are a veteran, police officer, fire fighter, EMT, dispatcher, corrections officer or the like and having a hard time, please know that you are not alone. We are here to help. We provide resources and treatment without judgement, off the record, and free of charge.

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Who We Are

Invisible Wounds Project a charity organization that exists to serve the Minnesota heroes who’ve served all of us.

IWP was founded by Russ Hanes, who saw firsthand the toll a career as a first responder can take. Russ spent time as a cop and as a 911 dispatcher. Russ’s dad is a veteran and Russ had always been a patriotic kind of guy. While still a dispatcher he started an event called Cruise for Troops to raise money to help Minnesota’s troops. It started very small and grew into the largest car and bike cruise in the Midwest.

As it grew, Russ recruited some like-minded folks who also wanted to help. The group recognized that there was an under-served group of heroes that needed and deserved support. In 2018 Invisible Wounds Project was founded to raise awareness and provide services to military and emergency personnel who are battling PTSD, mental health issues and suicide.

The colors in our logo represent veterans, police, fire, EMT, corrections, and dispatch. Individuals in these roles serve us each and every day, they deserve that same help.

Our Mission

It is our turn to help those who help us.

It is our belief that in working with the community, our sponsors/donors and volunteers that we can have a dramatic impact on the mental health crisis that is taking place within this group of men and women. We believe that we can improve the quality of life and save the lives of those who serve our country and communities.

We are committed to making a difference and helping the heroes who’ve helped all of us. We do so without judegement.

Our resources are offered off the record and free of charge because we know the stigma that creates a barrier and we want nothing to stand in the way of getting help to those who deserve it most.

Help Those Who Help All Of Us!


We have several ways you can support the mission. Throughout the year we have several ways that you can help to make a positive impact on our community.

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