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Make a Difference!

Since 2018, the Invisible Wounds Project has been serving veterans, police, fire, EMS, Frontline Medical Staff, Corrections, Public Safety Telecommunicators, and their families related to mental health, PTSD, and suicide issues. Our primary focus has been on providing access to qualified trauma-informed therapy services, and other support services to improve, change and save lives. By the end of 2023, we will have served more than 400 individuals, families, and groups for this year alone! We have averaged nearly one inquiry per week from a client with suicidal ideation and more than one general client inquiry per day. Compare that to the beginning of 2022, where we averaged two client inquiries per week. In just 2 years, inquiries for help have increased nearly 400%!

What We’ve Learned:

According to a study by the VA, 23% of veterans in their system have been diagnosed with PTSD. According to a study by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration, 33% of first responders have PTSD. We believe based on our experience, that these numbers are likely even higher. PTSD is not a death sentence, but it is certainly something that makes life much more difficult from those who suffer from it. In addition to PTSD, those we serve also are more likely to have anxiety, depression, and other mental health diagnosis that if left untreated, greatly impact the quality of their lives. Veterans, and first responders are more likely to die of suicide than they are to die from any other We need to do more to ensure our protectors and those on the frontlines are taken care of.

What we’ve learned in our first 5 years is that people need more than therapy to improve their lives and overall health. While therapy is a component, it takes a broader approach to truly achieve greater results. Not everyone we serve has the same needs, but often we see patterns of isolation or feeling alone, shame, guilt, a lack of connection to friends/family/others, a loss of interest in hobbies, substance abuse, and suicidal ideation.

The Future Home of the Invisible Wounds Project:

One of the most common requests we receive from clients is the wish for a “safe” place to go and connect with others who have similar experiences, and understand what they are going through. This Center would provide that and much more. That healthy connection to others is a key component to improving the lives of those we serve. In January of 2024, The Invisible Wounds Project will open the doors of our Invisible Wounds Project Center in Forest Lake, Minnesota! This 11,000-square-foot facility will include space for individual and group therapy, training, education, a recovery room, a woodworking space, an art studio, yoga/meditation space, and more. It will offer us the opportunity to serve even more clients, more efficiently and effectively. The center will be staffed by volunteers and key Invisible Wounds Project staff, including our very own therapy dog “Moose” who is specially trained to assist clients.

Phase 1: Pink – This space will be open immediately upon opening doors. ($100,000)

Phase 2: Green – This space will be built out and fully functional once funding needs are met. (+$50,000)

Phase 3: Orange – This space will be built out and fully functional once funding needs are met. (+50,000)

Make a Difference!

While we have been saving for this space, we can’t get to the finish line without your help! While we’ve saved and set aside money for the initial space and facility, running the life-changing programs requires your help and support! Help us reach our goal so that we can completely build out the space, and show those who have and continue to serve that they are not alone, and they are not forgotten.


Sponsor Wall – Displayed in the Support Center as a Legacy Sponsor:

Diamond – $10,000+ (12×12 plaque)

Platinum – $5,000-9,999 (6×6 plaque)

Gold – $2,500-4,999 (3×6 plaque)

Silver – $1,000-2,499 (3×3 plaque)

Bronze – $500-999 (1×3 plaque)

Wall of honor:

$500 – 8×10 plaque with image, name/info of person, and dedication message.

**We have several separate room sponsorship opportunities available. For information contact Russ@iwproject.org or 763-486-3079**